Saturday, 14 June 2008

Labours County Manifesto

I have just had sight of the Labour Party's Manifesto for the County Elections next year!

Before some of you start saying that I saw these from a certain source, No , the document came from a friend who is a county councillor, who is considering 'Jumping Ship' and joining the Conservative Group. Watch the press for details.

I have to say that Its the worst manifesto I have seen for years, Full of B**l Sh** and politic speak, but no substance, except for a vague hint that grammer schools should be abolished, oh and to promise to work with trade unions to stop people trafficking and to stop the exploitation of temporary workers. (I thought that was the trade unions job) .

In reality, a contract to work with trade unions to ensure that we are all paying a few more, to provide us with less( like the Shell Tanker Drivers) .


Anonymous said...

Ooh, are you starting a club for turncoats, Ken? Do you get to be Chair of that too? And if anyone knows b*llsh*it, sweetie, he's loking at you from the mirror!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 17:31 has the same ip address as Iris Johnston..


Anonymous said...

Iris there is nothing smart about staying on a morally bankrupt ship called 'The HMS New Labour experimentBS.

Ken and his friend are winners, you are a are clearly not.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon of 23.18 and 23.31, but your IT skills are either very substandard or you are a liar. I placed the first post and I am certainly NOT Iris Johnston, or indeed any other Thanet politician.

Or perhaps you were making a joke?

Or perhaps you were trying to line up another bout for the Tory Leader and Deputy Leader of Thanet Council? Another opportunity for them to repeat the disgraceful and thuggish behaviour they demonstrated a couple of days ago in Margate High Street - towards Cllr Johnston?

Perhaps you should put your own sorry house in order Ken, darling, before throwing sh*t at others - whether from a bull or any other animal.

Ken Gregory said...

As most of your are anonymous, I cannot refer to you by name. If, by being a 'Turn Coat' means that I left a party that had become corrupted by power, opposed for the sake of opposing, and lost its way, yes I am a turn coat.

I am a local politician who wants the best for my community, and will not be beholden to anyone with other motives.

And before the vocal folk jump on that, I joined the Conservative Party, because, both at national and local level, I believe they offer more to the community in Thanet.

Anonymous said...

Well Ken, sweetness, if you are now happy being in a Party that is led locally by people who behave just like the thugs and bullies that you all want to "deal with" so firmly, then good on you!

What an achievement for you. I am sure the community is ever so grateful. Perhaps you should expand - and understand - that definition of corruption you mention so freely.

Ken Gregory said...

Ooh, do i detect an celtic tint to my adversary?. Sorry, but the local people are more likely to believe someone who is 'up front' about their views, than some one who hides behind anonymous covers

Anonymous said...

Iris Johnstone, Mad woman of this parish

Ken Gregory said...

I would like to point out that cllr Mrs johnston is not mad, and is also a highly respected member of the opposition group. May she long remain so

Anonymous said...

And if they don't believe, the Tory boys on bikes will be round to MAKE them do so... Bet you'd look great in leathers, Ken!

Ken Gregory said...

You obviously don't know me, otherwise you would know how bad I do look in leathers. (unless of course, you are a fetish type)

Anonymous said...

My IT skills are, fine, but even if they were not its better than be cowardly anoymous nide councillor


Anonymous said...

So it was an average manifesto then. Are they not all full of crap with very little substance?

James Maskell said...

Will Labour be publishing the manifesto publicly so us plebs can hear about their plans?

Anonymous said...

Iris and Clive really do have chips on their shoulders.

A pair of ononymous cyber bullies is what they are.

Tim M

Anonymous said...

Unlike Ezekiel and Latchford whose thuggish, bullying behaviour permeates every medium.

Ken Gregory said...

I will leave the unproven and rude comments about local politicians on the site, as they attack both sides with equal vigour, BUT, please think before you post, In my experience all of those named are hard working District councillors, who do not deserve the small minded comments made of them

Rick said...


sign up to this Gordon Brown correction ?

The petition is about the lack of substance in the 42 days detention debate.

Very surprised to get it approved containing the statement of fact that Mr Blair reported to Northern Ireland Secretary. But approved it is.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that you and most other councillors do invest a lot of time in your work, Ken. But bear in mind that unlike those who do unsung practical voluntary work with the elderly, disabled, deprived communities or whatever, you and your colleagues seek and gain publicity, you are pursuing and promoting your own political ideologies, you enjoy glory ( and carp at criticism), and you get paid (not a lot maybe, but enough). So playing the "hard-working samaritan" card doesn't really wash.

The point about your Tory colleagues Ezekiel and Latchford is not "small-minded" comment but a widely shared expression of absolute disgust at their boorish behaviour in the street towards a fellow - opposition - councillor. If you want respect, support and understanding from the electorate, explain to your Leader and Deputy that they are doing nothing to earn it. They are simply disgracing Thanet.

Ken Gregory said...

Ok, Anon 2203, If you think that a voluntary worker gets abusive phone calls at 2245 hrs, gets their family abused when they answer the phone, (albeit their 6 year old granddaughter), gets put up for re election every 4 years, works a 37hour week, and has to travel to the council offices (14 mile round trip) at least 3 times a week, and attend meetings in the evenings, and on the odd occasion gets some wierdo's shouting abuse in the street to their spouse, Then put your self up for election, or at least have the common decency to use your own name.

I do this 'job' because I believe that Thanet has a future, and I want to make sure that ALL the people of our isle have the best possible chance.

With regard to 'pay' It is public knowledge how much each and every councillor gets. I can assure you it is well below the minimum wage per hour.

Oh and also, the previously named councillors, of both political parties, have my utmost respect, because I am sure that they represent the communities they represent, whatever the political colour the constituents may be.(I am also sure they get the same sh#t that I do only much multiplied.

Anonymous said...

Again, Ken, you could help people collectively and/or individually, and you could help Thanet, in quiet, voluntary ways that would not generate the unfortunate behaviours to which you refer. You chose to stand for the Council. This doesn't only involve you in "helping", it also gives you status, influence, and the platform to promote your own political views and ideology. For some - maybe not you - it also provides a springboard for higher political opportunities.

I think it is because of that "step apart" from unsung, genuine voluntary work, that you get dished the rough as well as the smooth. I don't endorse people giving you abuse - and certainly not giving your family abuse - but that is probably the downside to the "glory" that you have sought.

If you can't stand the heat as they say...