Thursday, 26 June 2008

Livingstone ideas take over New Labour


If two people apply for a job now, it will be possible to pick one candidate over another if they are 1, Female, 2, of Ethnicity, or 3, Disabled/Disadvantaged.

Old fashioned I may be, but I always thought the best person got the job, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc?

Perhaps some one should tell Ms Harman that her policy is a vote loser?


Anonymous said...

My father is black and my munm is white. I am gay and look more white than I do black, but I believe that this is a crazy idea and very very very unfair.

John Worrow said...

Is this the Return of the so-called Looney Left?

All disrimanation is negative.

There is no such thing as positive discrimination, it is nothing more than double standards

I believe that this would be a legal form of prejudice, and would set back community relations by many years.

Anonymous said...

As a woman in a postion of power in government, one need to ask if Harriet Harman is breaking any human rights laws by trying to inforce SEXIST DISCRIMINATION against people that do not share her gender.

THIS LABOUR MINISTER has the belief that one gender or sex is inferior to or less valuable than the other..

Martin K
I used to Vote Labour NOT ANY MORE I'll vote for TORY ROGER GALE!

Anonymous said...

but hasn't psychometric testing been basically doing the same for years ? Undermining meritocracy.

It was over thirty years ago that Sir Robert Mark said "We no longer recruit the most able but the most malleable to be police officers"

The result of selecting for compliance rather than merit is now that the police proportionately, as a group, have more convicted murderers, child sex offenders, violent offenders, porn downloaders and criminal liars than any other career group.

Anonymous said...

and that's only counting the ones caught.

James Maskell said...

The sad thing is both the Labour Party and the Conservatives are in agreement over this. The Tories have been discriminating since Cameron came to power.

Anonymous said...

Labour Bollix!

Positive descrimination, what complete nonsense, as one the those oppressed by Gordon Brown's government presumably David your just backing the increasingly bankrupt Labour party.

How about Labour does something for the ordinary working class, for a change like not robbing them blind with tax increases, with allowing English nationals the same health care and free education as that money grabing minority the Scotish Labour party.

Wake up and smell the er Irn Bru.

I work hard, 60 - 70 hours plus a week for one company and have no job protection what so ever, explain that!

No surprise your local MP Ladyman is so anti worker! with his anti uniion stance.

from a post from Tony Flaig