Wednesday, 25 June 2008


So the government has passed the legislation taking away the power of local determination over major projects.

Is this good or bad?

Please let me know, as we can still change the legislation.

Basic question is, would you like a quango to decide your future major projects or your local councillors, after all they are elected by you.

From that last comment you will gather I am not a supporter of the new legislation!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ken, we have enough quangos as it is. You and your team were elected (whether some people like it or not) and you represent the people of Thanet,QUANGOS DON'T. Ken we must fight this - can you help fight it Ken?

Mary Scott
Former Labour Voter, but I will vote Conservative next time

Ken Gregory said...


we will do what we can. I am sure that there is a compromise to be reached, although there are some things wrong with the current system, there will be no local accountability at all with the proposed way. At least if we get it seriously wrong residents get the chance to put a new lot in every 4 years, not so with a non elected quango that has not even heard of Thanet.