Saturday, 26 July 2008

Energy Prices people out of their lives

In the last few days I have noticed a marked increase in my post of letters from some of my older constituents who are very worried about possible and actual increases in heating costs.
I know that my role as a District Councillor does not give me much opportunity to help, other than to liase with the Benefits Agency, but In reality, is the price of keeping warm in the coming winter going to be this Government's 'Poll Tax'.
Unfortunately for them, they don't seem able to have much control over the welfare of the needy of our country.

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Anonymous said...

Most informed commentators are talking about the fact that some of today's problems in the UK with high energy costs and supply resilience flow from the way the industry was privatised and deregulated by the Thatcher and major administrations. Too much was, they argue, simply handed over to private sector without any checks and balances.

Of course you were, I presume, a Labour supporter during that time, Councillor, so unsure how you will try to cover yourself now, and who knows which Party you'll be in when the next major phase of the energy "crisis" hits. Libe Dems perhaps? UKIP? or even further to the right or left?