Sunday, 27 July 2008

Shock News Tory Councillor supports Brown

Well it had to happen. I am declaring my support for Gordon Brown as Leader of the Labour Party!

Why, well to be honest, I want to get David Cameron into number 10.

The best chance to get Mr Cameron elected as Prime Minister is to keep Gordon as Leader of the Red Corner.

That way the conservative party needs to spend no money, and no time electioneering to take over as the governing party.

Just imagine how easy it would be if the Conservative Party really tried. (As we will) I'm not taking the p*** out of the electorate, just 'Outing' a long term 'Sleeper' that the Conservatives have 'placed' in the Labour Party. ie Gordon B.


Anonymous said...

Don't do yourself down, Ken, your Party is ace at taking the p*ss out of the electorate. Claiming that you have changed since the dark days of 1997 is the best p*ss-take. Not dark days for you personally, of course, because you were wearing a different colour then.

The Labour Party are in the sh*t and will continue to suffer, and many will say rightly so. But please don't try to present the Conservative Party as a credible, honest and worthy alternative. The absence of clear policies, and the growing string of leading Tory lights caught with their hands in the till demonstrate that however bad Labour might be, you are no better. Your perfomance in Thanet is lesson enough.

Perhaps we need a really fresh approach.

Anonymous said...

hello rick

Anonymous said...


Get real!

You can kid yourself, but you can't kid everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Ken, have you considered that your comments about Gordon Brown might be reflected locally in that the biggest asset to Labour regaining control of TDC is your local leader, Sandy, 'F*****g T****r, Ezekiel? When will you give HIM the old 'heave-ho' or is your position on a chair too comfortable?

Anonymous said...

You of course being the expert on regognising long term 'sleepers'hjaving done exactly the same thing !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous of 22.46, I am not kidding myself nor trying to kid anyone else.

I strongly believe – and it is only a personal view - that the Tory Party is unfit to govern. It has not really changed since its meltdown of 1997. And if there have been any minor policy revisions at national level, then they are definitely not reflected in the opinions, policies, attitudes and behaviours of local right-wingers like Roger Gale. He and his fellows are in exactly the same mind-set as they were 10 years (and more) ago. As long as they are still around, life under the Tories will be just as it once was.

So why should I place any confidence in the Tory Party, the Party that mis-managed the country as it did; introduced - as it did - policies that are now vilified or at best regretted; buried itself in sleaze and scandal as it did; demonised large sections of the population as it did; and claimed that "there is no society", as it did. The Party is still in the mire with names like Conway, Winterton, Chichester… appearing in expenses scandal headlines. The showcase London Mayoralty – with Bungling Boris only in charge for a couple of months - is in crisis with two advisers (including Boris’s Deputy) having to resign through scandals. And then we have Thanet…

The Labour Party may well deserve the public’s hostility. No challenge to that. But the Tories as a credible alternative? No way!

Anonymous said...


What planet are you living on?

Anonymous said...

Well if you think the Tories are a credible alternative Government, good for you. I think you are wrong. But perhaps your planet has better views?

Ken Gregory said...

Either we have the original, or a doppleganger, 'Irritating Bloke'. Welcome .

Anonymous said...




You are so far away with the fairies,I can't even be bothered to humour you.

Next you're be telling us that the tooth fairy will be the next Labour leader.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, Ken, "Irritating Bloke" is, I believe, "Rick" who has recently announced his reirenment from blogging. I am not he.

Secondly, I find it rather surprising and sad that you should view as "irritating" the presentation of opinions that are simply different from your own.

Thirdly, why are opinions expressed against the Tory Party on Thanet blogs always met with snide - or worse - reactions and personal remarks? I am not "away with the fairies" or "on another planet". You do not share my views, which is fine, but respect is more than a "nice to have". I had hoped this sort of behaviour had passed on when one or two blogs and a collection of bloggers had "passed on", but it seems to be immoveably rooted in some individuals.

Anonymous said...


No you are wrong,
your views are so out of touch with the 'here and now' of this country that I am afraid you are away with the fairies. And I for one am not Conservative or Labour. This is why I really can't be bothered to humour you.

Anonymous said...


Yes I see what you are saying, even Labour MP's are now facing up to the fact that Labour are doomed, yet 16:26 appears to be living on another planet. I take my hat of to ken for trying to humour this person.

Anonymous said...

16:26 does have a chip on their shoulder. I wish I was living on their planet because I am a TRUE socialist (not new labour). If Labour want to win the next election we need to take a look at what we are doing wrong. I am sorry 16:26 but taking readers for fools as you appear to be doing won't save the party. WE NEED TO WAKE UP!


Anonymous said...

As I said before, why any anti-Tory posts should always attract such waspish rudeness I cannot fathom. Well, perhaps I can.

You seem to be willfully misreading my comments as suggesting the Labour Party is popular and certain to be returned at the next General Election. That would indeed make me "out of touch" and I am saying no such thing. I have acknowledged and fully recognise their level of unpopularity.

My argument, which no-one has challenged but which has attracted the usual snide remarks, is simply that the Tory Party is no better and cannot be trusted with the reins of government. Disagree by all means, but that view is not "out of touch"; it is an informed assessment, shared by many people, including some who have lost faith in Labour.

As for Ken "humouring" his readers, don't be so patronising.

James Maskell said...

Ah the use of the "no such thing as society" line. Read the actual text before using it as a stick to beat others. The article was about personal and communal responsibility. Thatcher seems to have been proven right. A lack of responsibility, both personal and within communities has led to serious social breakdown. Thatcher was actually just about on the button.

As for Gale, if your entire view of the Conservatives is based upon whether you can get Roger Gale to change his entire political perspective after a quarter century of parliamentary experience then you are never going to vote Tory and you might as well give up now. The electorate keeps returning him back to Parliament so he must be doing something right.

Boris Johnson recently announced the halt of a proposed increase to the Congestion Charge. If he was in crisis then he couldnt possibly have announced that with any seriousness.

Your criticisms clearly need some work.

Anonymous said...

In a constituency like Thanet North, James, the Tories could put a donkey up as a candidate - I shall resist the observation that for the past 25 years they have - and they would get elected. It is a naturally Tory area.

The point about MPs like Roger Gale is that there are still a lot of them - politicians wedded to the Tory ideolology of the 80s and 90s. Their views are not in line with even the modest number of "new" policies advanced by David Cameron and his supporters. If elected, as all the current signs suggest, Cameron will have to compromise with these right-wing hardliners over many policy issues. Just look back to his bac-stepping over grammar schools. Tory policies will regress. And it has nothing to do with Gale's "25 years of parliamentary experience" but all to do with his traditionalist, unchanged right-wing views - and those of his fellows.

So Boris Johnson has progressed one of his manifesto commitments. He also has a scandal-hit administration. Whatever you may think, doesn't look too secure. And by the way, he is also pursuing his "no bendybus" pledge - not in the interests of bus passengers, who like them, but in the interests of motorists who don't by the way - even though bus manufacturers and operators are saying he cannot achieve what he wants. Raising false expectations?

James Maskell said...

Good to see you quietly moving on from your misrepresentation of Thatcher.

As for the old members not liking the new policies, I would disagree with you. The welfare policy and general taxation policy is settling well. Social breakdown similarly. I recall Laura Sandys commented very early on after her selection as Thanet South candidate about Credit Unions and debt in general, which emerged from Iain Duncan Smiths Breakthrough Britain Report.

Your comments about reverting to ideology is more of a Labour thing. Miliband said as much in his leadership article for the Guardian this week (Miliband might as well have gone down to see Brown on holiday and asked him to step down in person, it was so blatant) when he talked about membership cards and the redistribution of wealth. The difference is that the Tories are finding positive policy uses which come from their base values, whilst Labour are retreating back to them as quickly as they can.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you, James, but at least you do set out your arguments and don't resort to simple, waspish retorts. So are you back in the Tory Party, now?

Rick said...

It is not me.

I have retired from echo sounding on blogs.

But anon 17 48 et seq there is a psychology at work on thread.

On an ex Services site recently was a similar gem

A contributor wrote That he cannot stand George Galloway or anything he stands for

and he added

And I cannot stand that Tony Bliar either all those f-cking lies taking us to war in Iraq

Wait out whilst I try to identify the ex Army contributor

Trying to make it out now

Ex Private A .....

Ken .....

Swaggery ?

Ken you must have spotted my obvious pro Labour stance

And of course I was trying my best for Labour's cause when I accused Tony Blair of Treason (Good Friday agreemnent) and announced I would add his name to that of your Kent police Authority pal on obligatory Common Law information laid with the Thanet Bench.

If it is mandatory to disagree with Rick the Irritating Bloke can I assume that you all throughly endorse the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry etc ?

I got a Home Office commendation in 1971 for exposing flawed sociology research on police recruits. the research was mischevious and sought to prove, by pre-determing its results, the existence of a myth called Institutionalized Racism.

The thought back then was that myth was one that would lurk in the shadows till it found a c-nt and then it would cause trouble.

Eventually it found Jack Straw.

Now try disgreeing with the new irritating bloke on the block and me at the same time

Ken Gregory said...


Sometimes I totally agree with your view, But it is true that no one will ever replace you as 'Irritating Bloke No 1'

The ability to use 350 words where one will do is rare.

But it does not mean I think you are a bad person

James Maskell said...

Anon 13:53, No, Im still outside the Party.