Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Police texting

So now , instead of junk mail we are to get junk texts from the dear old Kent Police. (page 2 Thanet Times).

One stated message that those dear old folk in blue will be sending us is '' Don't advertise your phone to thieves, keep it safe keep it hidden''.

Question , what is the first thing you do when you get a text message? YOU GET YOUR PHONE OUT' of course all the scrotes who nick phones will obligingly look the other way won't they.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip Cllr, I will be looking out for the fre phone locator provided by kent police.

A Mugger

Anonymous said...

A sequel to Supt George Rogers hiring a plane to tow road safety messages across the Thanet skies.

Driver scans skies.

"Keep your eyes on the road good tip from Kent County Clwonstabu....."


Anonymous said...

"good morning Madam, this is your phone call from Kent County Clownstabulary offering free home security checks. What is your address ? oh ta luv. Our representative will call later he will be wearing a striped top and carrying a bag marked "Swag"

Later that day the representative calls on the lady and she stands on the doorstep and says

"You are not a Kent copper just look at yourself. You are well built, articulate, courteous and obviously intelligent and charming. Not a sign of anabolic steroid abuse. Dead giveaway you must be a criminal working a bogus police officer scam"

Anonymous said...

How do you spot an undercover Kent cop in a crowd ?

look under the cover.