Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Black Gold ! mk2

The oil price is now at $105 a barrel. And yet my clapped out 4x4 still costs the same to fill up. I understand about it taking time to filter through the supply chain, but how does that work when the price goes up? Is it a law of physics that the price takes a day to reach the pumps on the way up, but an age when it goes down?


Anonymous said...

If you understand (as you assert) then why do you need to question ?

It is like "I always lie" if it is true it is false.

The Great Daktari said...

There's always one isn't there Ken!

I totally understand what you're saying! But it already costs a bomb to fill up my Jag. The tax on fuel doesn't help and I can't see it getting any better.

One of my American friends can't believe that I'm prepared to pay that much for petrol! but alternative do we have?

Makes you wonder if it would have been any different if we hadn't sold off our oil companies.