Monday, 25 August 2008

Gordon the Highwayman.

I see in the Times today that our beloved Prime Minister has a cunning plan to fund a package of 'help' for 'poorer' families to cope with fuel, food,and housing costs. This 'Plan' is to auction off pollution permits.
This means that fuel companies will be able to buy permits to pollute our country.
Who will pay? Not the fuel companies. The real payers will be the likes of all of us, because the price of fuel /energy will rise as these companies protect their profits. Ironically, the poorer housholds will be the hardest hit as they use more of their disposable income to buy energy.
This seems to be a cynical, short term, way of making people think this government is helping the poor.


James Maskell said...

There are other bribes as well in the offing recently as part of this fightback. Apparently more money for those with children and computers for children in poverty (could be fun since the parents are no doubt struggling to pay the electricity bill)!

Worrying thing is for the lower earners, come April, unless Darling can come up with some money (Heaven knows where from), the 10p band issue will rear its ugly head again. Darling only paid off half the increase and it was only for six months. Come April theres no tax relief and we are back to April just gone.

Anonymous said...

"Feared by the rich, loved by the poor" to quote from the theme to Robin Hood.

Not something that would be said about Thanet Tories, clearly, given all the recent blog comment and "doings" at civic heights.

Anonymous said...

I saw Cllrs Hart & Bruce in a CAFE drinking - I wonder what they were talking about?

Is someone going to join Labour?