Sunday, 24 August 2008

Olympic Games

So they are over at last, From my point of view Hurray. I am only really interested in three sports, Motor racing, cricket and ***. none of these are at the olympics. I, personally am glad the whole lot is over for another 4 years. I can tell you I will not be in London in 2012.

More importantly, if the money was invested in medical research, how many lives would have been saved?


The Great Daktari said...

I must admit I'm not a fan of the olympics either Ken and obviously you can't beat a bit of Cricket.

Difficult to answer your question though but here's another........
Can you imagine how many chinese people might lead a better life if the money was spent on them and not the opening and closing ceremonies?

Still, it'll be interesting in 2012 to see someone in East London doing a 100m sprint without a stolen telly in their arms.

Rick said...

I wonder Daktari how much we actually learn from sports competition ? Possibly only a fraction of what we should be learning.

Buteyko breathing techniques taught to endurance athletes to teach them to improve their performance by breathing less ?

Isn't it the case that GP practices teaching Buteyko to asthmatics cut their asthma prescribing budget by 80% ?

The benefits of weightlifting in COPD ?

If elite competition had a beneficial spin off then it would enjoy greater justification.

Anonymous said...

So whats this million pounds plus Marlowe Community Athletics Track in Ramsgate going to be used for then, training greyhounds?

Ken Gregory said...

Oh Great Medic. we should go to canterbury and sink a few. whilst watching Mr Key leading our tem to victory. I look forward to it.

Anonymous said...

I presume, then, Ken, you will wish to distance yourself publicly from your Tory colleagues who are praising and promoting the development of 2012 training facilities in Kent?