Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Hotel experiences

A friend of mine tried to book a night at a Travel Lodge a couple of nights ago. Not an easy task apparantly. Long car journey results in standing at 'Reception'

Bloke says 'How may I help you'.

Answer 'I'd like a room please have you one spare?'.

Response 'Yes, but I cannot take your booking until 8pm. you can book now on our premium rate telephone line, it will take about 10 minutes or on the internet.'

Question 'why can't you take my booking now?'

Response 'Company policy, we don't know how many rooms we have left until 8pm'

Answer ' Poke your hotel I'll go to a real one'

The friend did, had a great nights sleep and was able to pay with real cash as well.

Do these companies want our trade or not?



Anonymous said...

Interesting. I tried last night to book - online - 2 nights in a Travelodge for next month. The first night is available at a "sale" rate of £39.00, but you cannot get the system to book the 2nights incorporating this cheaper rate. It will only book both nights at the "standard" rate of £55.

And don't get me started on M&S's home delivery system!

Michael Child said...

Ken does this mean that if there is a planning application for a Travel Lodge in Thanet you will have to declare an interest?

The Great Daktari said...

Travelodge are not proper hotels really are they?

Have you tried The Bell Hotel in Sandwich Ken?

Interestingly a couple of weeks ago in Jeremy Clarksons Newspaper Column he moaned about the state of hotels in the UK and then went on to say "All hotel managers should be sent to the Bell Hotel in Sandwich. It's brilliant!"

Turns out he was down there a couple of weeks ago. I went to check it out for myself the other day and I must say it's very nice.

Now what would he have said about the Kent International Hotel down in Ramsgate?

Ken Gregory said...

Michael, I presume that you are joking? If not I suggest you look up declarations of interest. I have to say I know these pretty well, so perhaps I some times forget that others don't, and that includes some Councillors of all political hues.

Michael Child said...

Ken I was indeed joking, not wishing to needle you over China Gateway and knowing that you were unable to comment, I would however like to know if there is anything you can say about it now.

Sarahb said...

That really sucks how some hotels won't give you the discounted rate for past the 1st day :-( You should try The Hampton Inn where I work you'll get the rate you want for sure. Come check out the promotion we're have the rates are pretty low with the discount.

Hampton Inn is offering 10% of their best rate available until 9/1/08 we’re also giving away some great prizes leading up to the TEAM USA competing at the Olympic Games. Good Luck!!;jsessionid=SXEZ4FIZDCG4OCSGBJF2VCQ?it=specials,dreams&cid=om,hx,dreams,specials

Sarah B


Check out this funny video, called "Ballad of a Traveler", it is hilarious. He totally sums up the travelers experience:>

Anonymous said...

Seems like you're attracting adverts, now, Ken.

Cara said...

You write very well.