Friday, 22 August 2008

Nato vs Russia

Looking at a report in the Times today, is it possible that our illustrious NATO allowed the Russians to have a free hand in Georgia to gain an accurate assesment of their military capability?

I am not sure , but to look at it in the cold light of day it seems possible


Anonymous said...

(1) It is the end of the Cold War. Holy souvenir rubble sales as the wall came down.

MacDonalds is racing to Moscow.

Can any British organisation get there to set up shop in similar time?


It is our altruistic caring 00 heaven charity. Ignoring the plight of all others in Moscow it creates a care home for former Russian soldiers veterans of their Afghan campaign.

"No no no we are caring Brits we are not debriefing them with a view to our own presence in Afghanistan ten years hence"

(2) We have expelled 105 Soviet diplomats it is 1971. Will the avowedly Marxist OIRA have to fill the gap we created in Soviet espionage capability in UK ? Oooh why are the OIRA looking at our marvellous 00 heaven charity two decades before they will altruistically set up in Moscow ?

(3) Ooooh it is postwar Europe and ex SOE gals are working under 00 heaven charity cover recruiting useful Nazi war criminals to work for British Nuclear programme and MI6. Prince Anton Turkul knows and he is really a Soviet agent and putting Soviet ringers in amongst the Nazis we think we are recruiting.

Yes Ken what we need is a war to determine the other side's capability. Now which charities are specializing in caring post conflict recovery work ?

"It's all in the game ...."

Ken Gregory said...

Blimey rick that was short for you!!!