Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Economy

Should the Conservative Party stick to the sepending plans of Labour, if they win the next election? (Bearing in mind the dire state of our economy as admitted by the Chancellor) ?


Anonymous said...

I have been unemployed for 8 years due to a problem with the little finger on my right hand. I would like to work, but I am scared that a Conservative government would take my dole money away if I refused to do a job that would hurt my finger. I would only consider voting Tory if they promised that they will not made me do a job I can't do. Until then I will always vote for Labour as they care about working class people like me.

Northdown Road

Anonymous said...

Under the conservatives they will chop your finger off and then you can work!

Anonymous said...

thats is not very politically correct

Anonymous said...

anon 1228, get a job at a call centre. then do not use your right hand. \My parner has only her left hand, and works at a call centre.

Sounds like you are a dole sponger

Rick said...

To even consider voting true blue tory maybe Ian is becoming unsure of red flag socialism ?

Perhaps his position can be best described as tending to a little pinkie ?

Rick said...

Are you off to this bash then Ken ?

An opportunity to listen to David Phillips on the theory of policing.

Might learn something on the economics of overpaying plod ? And dumbing down courses so they can be given "Foundational degrees" ? great use of public funds.

Then off to the Cathedral for a quick prayer, of thanksgiving that he is no longer employed in the frontline of policing, and a spot of munch for only forty quid.

Anonymous said...

I am not a sponger. Rich people and managers are the real lazy people as they force working class people to work. All I am saying, only the Labour party understand that not everyone that can't work is a sponger. If my finger was not broken i would be happy to work but i have a wife and 3 children to think of and need my benifits. If the conservatives were for working people like me i would vote for them but they have not changed


James Maskell said...

An injury to your little finger has stopped you from employment of any kind for 8 years? April Fools isnt for a while yet... Nice try though.

Anonymous said...

It'sfoolish to comment on any specific case - including "Ian's" - without knowing all the details. And Ian's case does sound slightly incredible.

The point here is that there are many people who are unable to work for quite legitimate reasons. The worrying disposition of most on the political right is to brand everyone who claims benefits a sponger before bothering to find out if there are sound reasons for a claim. It is that fear (of the Tories), coupled with the political right's tendency to determine entitlement on the basis of (their own) moral judgements, that offends many.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try and be the first to answer the question asked. I think that should and would are, in this case, so different from each other that it would be like compairing cars and earth worms.

I think what will happen is that they will start off continueing the spending plans untill they are settled in after which they wills tart revising things faster than you can say knife. Lots of stuff will stay unchanged because, like much that actually happens, it's bogged down in red tape and obligatiory commitments.

In this way the hand over will be no different to any other hand over. The new lot will blame the old lot for the state of things and when the current situation reverses they will claim resposibility only to be hung out by the same short and curlies next time something goes wrong.

I think that the more things change the more they stay the same. Plus Labour and Consevative are so similar in political stance these days there is no difference.

But should they continue? Wholesale it would be folly - they have different objectives and so spending must be different.

Do I think overall things are about right and should stay "about the same"? Yes and no. Yes things could be worse but no things could be better.

I do think that the attempt to erradicate child poverty should continue because it is a worthy aim. However somethings are in dire need of review. Not elast of which is the massive spending on fairly weak IT projects that often time don't work. However on that front all parties are quite bad at IT so I think little will actually change.

In fact other thant he names hat will be moaned about I don't see much real change at all.

Anonymous said...


"The news that UKIP's HQ are worried about"

I was interested to read in last week's YourThanet that Gerry O'Donnell, who is registered with the Electoral Commission, as the leader of the Ramsgate First Party, described himself in his leter as " an Independent Candidate for the forthcoming General Election"

Does this mean that he will be leaving the Ramsgate First Party, and if so, will the party's registered Treasurer 'Leslie Trevor Shonk' be taking over as caretaker leader until the party has a leadership contest, or is Mr Shonk busy enough as it is, with his other job as UKIP's Parliamentry Candidate for Thanet South?



OR put ELECTORAL Commission Ramsgate First, in to GOOGLE.