Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Labour, The Party of the workers?

Unemployment is up. Bring on David Cameron!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

So, you just want to see longer queues, Ken, do you?

Rick said...


You are being a little unfair. Labour is the party of the public sector worker.

The Great Daktari said...

It seems that no political party is immune from rising unemployment are they Ken?

Should "Dave" become our next prime minister, lets hope he doesn't dream of Maggie's days in power when unemployment was ridiculously high!

Ken Gregory said...

Seems the queues are getting longer with Uncle Gordon.

No political party is immune from this scourge, but The current Tory party is a million miles from Maggies lot, or I would not be a member.

As for the public sector rick, ask the police and fire service, and by the way, it was a labour government that precipitated a Nation strike in the fire service.

Rick said...

Ken as I understand it the public sector has expanded to about 25% of employment under Labour. Outside of London and South East public sector pay is higher than private sector. We need a 700 billion pot to service public sector pensions. The pension rights of public servants in Northern Ireland is greater than the Ulster economy. And in the North of England there might be trouble from the Fire Brigade again (closure of fire stations). Echelon upon echelon of benefits civil servants parasitic upon Labour's Pathways to Work etc schemes. But the useful public sector being squeezed. (I always put money in Fire Brigades benevolent fund because they do a job i could not. I have worked a lot at heights, helicopters in Army plus parachuting in Army and later electrical contracting on steelworks etc but the thought of being at height whilst carrying an hysterical person I know it is beyond my ability)

I think you know that I find New Labour dangerous. And the fact that a former Head of MI5 opposed their detention proposals in the Lords is surely significant ?

Mollie said...

Well Ken, I have been a Tory all my life. I have worked for the party, canvassed, been a teller, ferried disabled voters etc.I am so disgusted with this Tory Council that I am seriously considering joining the Labour party to help get you all removed at the next election.