Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Words that come back and Bite (series 1)

Anyone who gets involved in public life will know that inevitably, some your sayings will come back to haunt you.(I know this personally to be a fact). My favourite to date has to be the words of the then chancellor (G B) a few years ago. ''an end to the 'Boom and Bust' economy is my aim''.


Anonymous said...


Scorched Earth Policy n. specialist insurance taken out by local fun park entrepreneurs. (Contributor: Irritating Bloke)

Email your Thanetian phrase to:


ECR two days before a million a year back street cannabis fun park drug factory had a bit of scorched earth policy in Margate. Potential police inquiries, announced on ECRs blog, searching for stolen cyclohexanone are completely coincidental.

Mind you ECR has been to the Crow Man and had his Pravda and Daktari heads dusted off to distance from the Thanisaurus entry and he ruled it through. He quickly established an alibi buying new dummies for his pram in London at the time of the arson attack on said drug factory.

Perhaps Thanet Sweeney better get round and interview ECR if they can establish his real identity. Or Police could bring in a Private Eye ?

Ken Gregory said...

sorry 20 21 but that was offensive to our younger readership.

The Great Daktari said...

Sad that people tend to end up being offensive Ken!

Again though Ken, didn't "Boom % Bust" Happen year ago before Labour were in power? I'm sure I remember that somewhere in my teens.

And it seems to be happening around the world so it's not just here! Sure we can probably blame Gordon for some of it but capitalism is mainly to blame.

Anonymous said...

In light of Ricks info about Sericol, will Cllr Ezekiel's claim that anti-Gateway people were 'scaremongering' not soon come back to haunt him? Hope you have fully grasped TDC's duty of care as the LPA in all of this and that you cannot derrogate responsibility in law?

Ken Gregory said...

I can assure you 23.33 that All councillors and officers have the 'Duty of care' thoughts in their mind when making decisions or recomendations. However what you must remember is that everyone has 'rights' and that includes developers, applicants and people who have concerns. It also includes councillors and officers.They in particular have a right not to be threatened or intimidated by either side in a discussion. Something that has been tried on me a few times. I have to say to no avail.

Mollie said...

I was at the meeting on the 9th October and witnessed the shambles and incompetence displayed by the Chair in particular. It didn't seem appropriate to me that you made a speech urging your colleagues to vote for China Gateway before the meeting was in full swing. The whole marketing of this project has been "jobs", "hundreds of jobs". You said it and Cllr Gideon based her speech on this message. You should all know that jobs are not a planning consideration and shouldn't be used to influence more gullible, less experienced councillors. Cllr. Gideon implied yet again, that thousands were unemployed with her 16% of working people in Thanet being on benefit. Was this deliberately misleading or not? 2543 people were unemployed in August 2008 and 1400 jobs were available. Explain the relevance of hundreds of jobs in this instance?

Ken Gregory said...

My view is that economic developement is relevant to land that is already set aside for that purpose.

Different story for other land.

Jenny said...

In that case, you presumably won't be supporting Phases 2 and 3 of the China Gateway as that is not on land designated for employment in the Local Plan. All the anti-campaigners accepted Phase 1 is on land earmarked for development but our call was for a well-planned, sensibly set-out development not one that even KCC said was 'cramped and over-crowded.' What your leader failed to accept was that aspect of our campaign. The so-called 'scaremongering' was based on facts not fiction but Cllr. Ezekiel failed to see that. Mind you, the economic downturn world-wide may put the whole thing on hold since there won't be too many companies wanting to commit to building when even the Chinese economy is slowing down and their own factories are closing their doors.