Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Trains and journey times

Time is approaching when I have to make a trip to Manchester, to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. Normally the journey is a doddle, 2 hours to London (60 miles), 1 hour in London, 2hour 15mins to Manchester.

Not so on the Sunday I have to travel. 2hrs 10mins to London, followed by 5hrs and 4 changes to get to Manchester. (plus the obligatory 1 hour in London). Why is it that Sunday travellers have to face these delays, they are still paying for their tickets?

I understand the need for improvements for the West Coast main line, but why is there only one route to the North west?


Anonymous said...

its about time the railways were nationalised,its a pity some government broke the railway.

Anonymous said...

Yes...perhaps the answer lies in the underfunding of the railways, and their near crippling, by the Tory Party of which you are (now) a member.

Ken Gregory said...

I was not a member of the Tory party then. I am now and still agree that the trains, buses, water, electric and gas,etc should be re nationalised. There are things that the Labour Party have done whilst I was a member that I do not like, but in a democracy, you win some and lose some.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, Roger Gale and the local Tory machinery will have you out before long. That's heresy!