Wednesday, 12 November 2008

National Health Service.

Having had some 'up close and personal' experiences of one of the 'Failing' NHS trusts in the west of the county, I can say, with some authority, that even a 'Failing' trust is good, staffed with caring people who, even though they are vastly underpaid, are a credit to the trust they work for.

Locally we are also well served, but it does make a mockery of the 'performance' targets and figures that so riddle our society today. How many people are paid to 'tot' up the figures, and more importantly, would it not be good to publish how much public money is spent on the whole system of 'Performance Figures and Targets'? (perhaps in percentage terms of the organisation's budget.)


Rick said...

And well done NHS for the introduction of new Security of Electrical Supply Regulations in 2007. Only a couple of years after the Head of Engineering standards at IEE put a team to work examining issues brought to IEE attention by yer very own Rick.

Perhaps cyclohexanone in the aquifer has not been at all helpful since 1960 in reducing burden on local NHS ?

Look Ken, usually I would write you a bespoke irritating ramble but I have a shed load of mail to read. Mostly invitations to join Thanet Masonic Lodges ....

Anonymous said...

Isn't anyone else wondering how Gordon Brown has managed to get away with destroying the fabric of the nations's financial institutions, and yet come out of it smelling of roses?

Aren't he and his team supposed to be on the lookout for trouble ahead, and to take action to ensure the knuckleheads in the banking community don't get out of hand? What else are they there for?

The reality is that he has been the Captain who has set Full Steam Ahead on the telegraph and then grounded the ship so far up the beach that it will take years before it can be refloated.

I can't wait till John Humphries wakes up and rips him apart. Or perhaps Humphries is just a closet socialist?