Friday, 7 November 2008


Disturbing piece in the Times the other day. Apparently because of the recession no one wants to buy all the stuff we recycle. So it has to go into 'Storage' until the economy sorts itself. (first choice sites of this government are said to be old military airports!


Anonymous said...

So what would your choice of sites be, Councillor? And what would you do to get round this?

Ken Gregory said...

Don't know the answer I am afraid, but then I'm not in goverment. I would suggest that, learning from the experience of the Allington waste to energy plant, that that way is not the answer, but then Im no expert. maybe there is some new technology for waste to energy?

Anonymous said...

Surely the cost of storing the materials for any length of time will soon negate any profit made from waiting? Maybe it might be prudent to just give them away or sell under market value ? ?


The Great Daktari said...

Apparently (so I'm told) that if we all disconnected our toasters and no longer had toast (afterall the bread's been cooked once already), the energy could power a city the size of Birmingham.

Although, looking at it the other way, if we disconnected Birmingham, we could all eat as much toast as we liked! ;)