Friday, 31 October 2008

Network Rail

Sad to see that many improvements to our rail network have been ruled out due to financial restrictions.
As a regular user of the West Coast mainline I would have loved to see our rail network improved for the future.
I actually think that Beeching did a good job in rationalising our rail system, but it seems that we have lost the plot over railways in the future.
We should be investing public funds in our railways, to ensure that, when air and road travel become prohibitavely expensive, we have a reliable, cheap, and quick transport solution. (and also you can have a swift 'half' to make the time spent more convivial)


Anonymous said...

You clearly haven't heard that, thanks to this Labour government's progressive transport policy, a new £35m depot to house environmentally friendly high speed trains has just opened in Ramsgate, creating 160 jobs.

Presumably that doesn't fit in with the local Tory brainwave of polluting our air and water with lorries and unwanted Chinese warehouses, and an airport that's only managed to create a handful of jobs in ten years.

Ken Gregory said...

Good news anonymous, however, a high speed link to london means that you get to the Bag'o'nails quickly, and then get to Manchester slowly. Its called 'joined up thinking' not something that dear old Gordon is famed for

Anonymous said...

If you believe that public funds should be invested in the railway, why on earth are you a member of the Tory Party? Your Party spent much of the 80s and 90s destroying the railways by withdrawing funding. There is nothing to suggest the same will not happen again should you return to power nationally.

Anonymous said...

I cannot belive that there are still people in Thanet (apart from our beloved Iris) who think that tourism is good for Thanet.

Its a dead industry, relying on Low wage , low skill labour for its last gasp. We need high wage high skill work, along with serious developement, to make thanet a great place. Lets ditch the kiss me kwick, and get on with a real life.

Anonymous said...

Little to do with this thread, but over recent months you have posted items after some of the by-elections in which Labour have lost seats to others. You have openly said you were keen to "gloat". Your right and privilege.

Last night Labour held Glenrothes quite strongly. Your (current) Party lost its deposit.

It doesn't mean that Labour are back in favour globally. It doesn't mean that they will now win the next General Election. But it does warrant a "retort" to you, and a "gloat" that the Tory Party remains deeply unpopular in Scotland and, lost your deposit.

Ken Gregory said...

Not my deposit, The Conservative party.

In response, it was never expected to win that seat, tactically it made sense to let the SNP make the running I would have thought.

Just as Labour did in 1997, when they soft pedalled on Lib Dem strong seats.

Its about tactics and common sense.
Scotland has its own parliament. The Westlothian question springs to mind.

Anonymous said...

Oh right, so the Tories made no effort - no senior politico visits, no canvassing etc etc - and left it to the SNP. I don't think so.

I do look forward to the day when politicians - of all Parties - simply say we hoped to win, but we didn't. End of story. Instead, you trot out hackneyed excuses when it suits you and "gloat" when that suits you better.

Where are you again in the pecking order of estate agents, used car salesmen, bankers...?

Ken Gregory said...

Well you obviously hate me with a passion, but, 'hey ho' thats life. Me I prefer to get on with life and enjoy it, you, get on with your own 'bag'.

Me, I have, work/council/family/hobbies.Have a nice day!!!

Anonymous said...

No, I don't hate you at all, Councillor. I don't know you. But you look kinda cute.

Just commenting on your "variable" posts and the behaviour of politicians in general, not just you.

Ken Gregory said...

Heck, thats the second time in my life I have been described as 'Cute' The first lady to call me that I still hold a torch for, (yes you know who you are), as for you, the judges are out