Friday, 20 March 2009

Enforced holiday

Hello all,

Now got the old desk top back on the road, and ready for the fray.

Firstly thanks to Michael, Don, and Tony Beachcomber for their help.

Secondly no thanks to Microsoft or the firm I bought the bloo** computer from. Hey Ho, Thats life.

Now I see we have the highest unemployment since 1997, the lowest returns on our savings since who knows when (why does that not apply to mortgages?) AND a prime minister who is a plonker. (no change there then).

Met a good friend of mine at PC world today, great to chat about old times, but more revealing to us was that , although we are on different sides of the political divide, we agreed that the area is going forward in the right way.


ascu75 aka Don said...

Yep I will go along with that I just wish that people would stop sniping at each other and the council. I know all about our leader and his stupidity but cant people get on with what we have and stop moaning. Thanet is a beautifull place with some fantastic facilitys be pleased about it and go forwards not keep raking over the muck. THATS MY MOAN sorry

Ken Gregory said...

And you do not have to apologise for your moan Don,

Anonymous said...

Oh Ken, sweetheart, you are SO funny. You call the Prime Minister a plonker - and many may agree with you - yet you demonstrate unquestioning loyalty to Sandy Ezekiel locally. You are taking the p***, darling.

Anonymous said...

Sandy is wondeeful person who clearly puts the good of Thanet and its residents before his own gain!

Standards said...

They say the fruit never falls far from the tree.

I can't stand Brown either but you do yourself or the administration no favours by hurling childish abuse.

Extraordinary in the light of the recent disciplinary, but unfortunately, what we've come to expect.