Wednesday, 25 March 2009

TDC rises in the tables.

Nice to see that when Labour lost control of TDC we were 345ish in the 'I want to be a good Council' table. We are now in the top 50ish. Good going I think.


Eastcliff Richard said...

It's not difficult to come 43rd for, and I quote from the Audit Commission report, 'the number of performance indicators that improved between 2006/7 and 2007/8' when you're starting from a position that couldn't be any worse. Not forgetting that the Tories had already had four years to get it right.

And even then, the report says 62% of district councils are currently performing better.

Still, statistics eh!

Anonymous said...

You could have chosen to promote this story, Councillor, from the standpoint of any service improvement this represents for the people of Thanet. But no, you present it as a cheap - and misguided - point score over the Labour Party, of which you were a member at the time to which your "criticism" relates.

This seems to be in keeping with your giving primacy to the interests of your (current) political party over the people of Thanet, despite the fact that it is the latter who elected you and now pay you.

I refer, of course, to your comments about, and unswerving loyalty towards, your "leader" despite the findings about his behaviour and character. Your argument is that party loyalty and club rules and protocols prevent you from commenting, even though what most people are saying is that it is the interests of THANET that are being damaged by having such a man as council leader. If you recognised it is about THANET and not the Tory Party, or the Labour Party, we may all see some better behaviour, honesty, and progress.

And before you or your Tory supporters trot out the usual remarks about my (ie any critic) being a Labour, I am not, nor am I a member of any political party.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like Saint Iris speaking. Now there really is why the interests of THANET are being damaged, by having such a woman involved in the council.

Anonymous said...

Oh do read the last paragraph, 17.55. If you want to call someone a liar, try it on one of the many obvious targets in your Tory Party.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Yeah. The trail is getting very warm.

Anonymous said...

Well then you must be rubbing yourself to generate heat, because you are way off the mark.