Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Training in Thanet

Yesterday some folk may have noticed members of the Planning Committee being taken around Thanet in a Mini Bus. It was not a 'Jolly' but a tour to see some of the developements that TDC's planning committee have allowed in the last few years.

Some of the completed projects looked really good, some were 'so so' but we were pleased that , on the whole, the standard of construction was good.

This is only part of the training that members are getting. The highlight of the event was a guided tour around a conservation area in Broadstairs. (Interesting point was that St Peters was the reason Broadstairs came into existance)


puffinman said...

Did you spot any illegal posters/advertising banners?

Ken Gregory said...

no because we turned the other cheek

Anonymous said...

Ken, do not take any notice of the 'Illegal Poster' argument, this 'Hairdresser' has got loads of free publicity without having to pay for a planning application. Its because of 'Decent folk' like this that 'Decent folk' like us have to pay more rates