Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Medway Council election

Just a note,

Mark Nottingham, on his blog site, asked people to not vote for the BNP. Thanks for that Mark, the people of Medway voted for the Conservatives, result ,a new tory councillor..... Nice to see Mark Nottingham assisting the Tories, Lets work together Mark!!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the people of Medway found it difficult to discern a difference between the Tory Party and the BNP.

Ken Gregory said...

Ok, so the Labour Party failed to stop people voting for the BNP,, I don't think so,, The tories are not racist, just like nottinghams lot, they just are better at sorting out the mess that labour left!

Anonymous said...

Well having seen both sides, I guess you are in a strong position to comment. But don't try (yet again) to fool people, Councillor. Your (current) Party has conned the Lib Dems into supporting cuts that serve a Tory ideological agenda on the pretext that "the nation needs them". but that won't wash with those who have no urge to set principles aside to get into Downing Street. And there are plenty of Tories who are homophobic, so I doubt racism is off the agenda for many.