Friday, 8 November 2013


The new refuse collection system has not been without its 'glitches', but that was inevitable. A major operation on this scale is bound to have its 'hiccups'. Having had our first recycling pick-up today it was obvious that many residents had worked out the basics, (though I did see some folk had thought the silver food waste bin had to be placed in the brown bin.).
The politcal leanings of TDC were of little import in the system, any Council would have to do similar.
An interesting take on the enforcement of the system is coming from central government. It seems that fines should be issued as a last resort against people who put the wrong stuff in the wrong bin! Lets hope that TDC do not use the enforcement system as a 'Cash Cow'


William Epps said...

Ken, the handouts on 'Let's Sort it Out' seemed to indicate that just thin plastic bags, polystyrene, dog poo and pet litter went in the household waste black bin thus leaving a few things with no apparent home. Putting together a list of items queried by neighbours I submitted it via the Broadstairs Town Clerk and TDC have come back promptly with clarification.

Only reason I mention this is because the service is there at the moment to find out on 'grey' areas and one would hope there will be a period of truce while people get used to what goes where. It isn't all blatantly obvious from the information cards.

Michael Child said...

Welcome back to the nefarious world of Thanet blogging Ken. And yes here in King Street Ramsgate there has been bags of uncollected rubbish on the pavements among such shoppers as remain for most of this week.